Test 123

Have you ever done something and then not been able to figure out how you did it?  Well I did, then I deleted what I did and figured I would be able to do it again.  NOT!!  So I am writing this post to see if it goes up on my Face Book wall.  Is that stupid or what?!!?



4 Responses to Test 123

  1. cari says:

    uh, no, not stupid at all, especially cuz i think you did that so you could teach ME! thanks tami! 😉

  2. tamivroma says:

    I did at that Cari!! LOL I didn’t think anyone was reading this blog! I really have not learned how to use word press yet!

  3. good luck as you continue familiarizing yourself with wordpress… getting used to a blogging system can get tricky… but gets more & more enjoyable as you figure out what is going on! 🙂

    • tamivroma says:

      It can be tricky Katie! I’m getting there though! This blog is the one I am kind of playing with. My daughter designed the header!!
      The other one I am doing a community blog for Allendale. Got other communities around me that I am going to do it also! Your in Hudsonville . . right? I am going to do one for there to and am going to have multiple authors . . .I would love to have you write something!

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