This Grand Rapids MI girl has come a long way baby!

February 6, 2009

This is a funny question because when I first started using the internet, I got terribly frustrated and my friend had to come over and teach me stuff. I called her all the time . . Fran how do I . . .

Oh how times have changed. Now I have done my own web-site, know what SEO is, know what meta-tags are. Probably because now I am a Realtor in West Michigan and as a Realtor if you don't know the internet you may as well hang it up!

I've come a long way baby!

Now I just don't get how people can deal with dial-up . .whats the point?!?!?


If I had easy access to a helicopter, I'd fly to Hawaii this weekend

February 2, 2009

West Michigan Real Estate Specialist

Because I am so sick of winter here in Michigan. Hawaii sounds like the most awesome warm place to go!