So Wicked Cold

December 22, 2008

Horses in a Feild

Horses in a Field

It is Sunday, December 21, 2008 and it is wicked cold out. At 9:06 pm it is only 16 degrees out and the wind is wipping so hard that it is bringing the windshield down to about -12 degrees.  This snow storm has been going on all day.  It has been so bad that the boys have not even come out to say hi.  They have not come out into the round pen area or any other part of the paddock where I can see them all day.

My husband went out and fed them and said that Cody was shivering so he left the boys in the barn for the night.  All they really need is to get out of the wind and they warm up.  Sub-zero winds and cold rain is about the only thing that does them in.  Other than that they are almost always outside with the snow piling up on their backs.

It amazes me how the snow can stay on their backs and it doesn’t melt. They are outdoor animals and God has prepared them for the winter with nice thick wooly coats.  Their coats are a blessing today.  It is a good thing they all had their winter coats come in good and heavy because it is proving to be a long winter already!